Harvey C Noone Post # 954



Opportunties for You to Particpate - From December 7, 2020 to December 19,2020:

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Visit Veterans Graves and Memorials in Riga/Churchville, Say the Name of A Veteran,

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to REMEMBER, HONOR & TEACH  in 2020.

Riga Cemetery: 

Riga was settled by Revolutionary War Soldiers, 11 are buried here.  In all, there are approximately 100 veterans buried in the cemetery.  Some are buried in the new Veterans section that is the end of the Northern driveway and is marked by a flagpole and memorial stone. There is one grave for a soldier who died in WWII, along with the grave of his mother, a Gold Star Mother.    

Creekside/St Vincent's Cemetery:

In these two cemeteries, over 400 veterans are buried.  Five graves are men who died while serving our nation and defending our freedoms and another five are their mothers - Gold Star Mothers.  Among the five is Harvey C. Noone, who died in battle in WWI in France and for whom our Legion Post is named.  Beside him, his mother, Gold Star Mother, Mary E. Noone, the benefactor of our Post is buried. 

There is a monument honoring the Riga residents who served in the Civil War, some of whom died while serving.  Each year Memorial Day Services are concluded at this monument.

Harvey C. Noone American Legion Post # 954:

On the grounds of the Post Home is a WWII artillery piece, an oak tree planted in 2018 by the Town of Riga honoring Harvey C. Noone who died from a direct hit by a shell near St. Quentin, France in 1918, during one of the last battles of WWI and a portion of the Living Fields of Honor established in 1918 and which bloom every spring. Inside the Post Home there is a Memorial Room dedicated to all veterans. 

Riga Newman Library Park: 

A WWI Monument listing the names of the 63 men from Riga who fought during WWI.  The Monument is a large stone to which a bronze tablet is affixed, was dedicated in 1920 and rededicated on Veterans Day in 2020.

Town of Riga Offices:

A Bicentennial Memorial Stone was placed in 2009, near the Entrance of the Town Offices and it sets forth the 4 pillars upon which Riga was settled and still operates under today: Patriotism because its first settlers were Revolutionary War soldiers; Agriculture because these settlers were farmers who left Massachusetts with their families to come to the rich lands of Riga to farm; Religion because one of the first structures built in Riga Corners after the settlers built homes was a church that remains there today; and Education because one of the other first structures built by the settlers was a school for their children. 

Churchville Elementary School:

At the flagpole in the circle in front of the school is a Monument that honors those who served in WWII and had attended the school.  Planted along the driveway into the school are several Crimson Maples, one for each young man who died while serving in WWII, the Korea War or Viet Nam.

Village of Churchville Brick Memorial Walkway:   

Near the Nancy Steedman Gazebo is a Brick Memorial Walkway which was a joint project of the Village, the LIONS Club and the Boy Scouts.  One section is dedicated to our Hometown Heroes.  In it bricks pay tribute to both living and deceased veterans, those from Riga/Churchville who were Killed in Action, their mothers, our Gold Star Mothers, as well as bricks honoring Harvey C. Noone Legion and Auxiliary members, both living and deceased.  This is an ongoing project of teh LIONS Club and forms to add a brick are available at the Village Hall.   

Westshore Rail Trail: 

On Arbor Day 2018, the Village of Churchville planted an oak tree in Memory of Harvey C. Noone.  Later, that year Monroe County donated lilacs from the Highland Lilac Collection and these were planted near the oak tree.  In the same area a Living Field of Honor was  established in 2018 to honor all Hometown Heroes.  It consists of several varieties of naturalizing daffodils which each year will bloom and spread welcoming spring, honoring our Hometown Heroes and bringing renewed hope for our nation.   Each year, since 2018, addtional bulbs have been planted to increase the display, with a goal to eventually have daffodils planted the length of the trail. 

2020 EVENT AT ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY IS BEING MODIFIED but a portion will be live streamed on December 19, 2020.

The ceremony of laying over 250,000 wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery on National Wreaths Across America Day also had to modified this year. 

In the week beginning on December 13, 2020, the military will lay wreaths in all but one section.  This is normally done on National Wreaths Across America Day by thousands of volunteers.  Then, on December 19, 2020, which is National Wreaths Across America Day, one section will be opened to a limited number of volunteers who will lay the remaining wreaths to complete the task of placing a wreath on every grave. 

The virtual live National Wreath Day event can be see on Saturday, December 19 at 9:00 a.m.

Please visit the Arlington National Cemetery Facebook page at:


If you do not have a Facebook account, go to:

      www.dvidshub.net/webcast/25385 (http://www.dvidshub.net/webcast/25385). 


Go to www.wreathsacrossamerica.org and download the 12 page Coloring Book and the 16 page Activity Book to teach children about WAA, our veterans and the value of freedom.  In the coloring book, follow the wreaths from where the pine trees are grown in Maine to Washington, DC and to Arlington Cemetery where over 250,000 wreaths will be laid this year to fulfill the WAA MIssion to REMEMBER those who have fallen, Honor those who have served, and Teach our Children about the value of FREEDOM.  


It is sad we had to postpone the wreath laying (portion) until next year,  but safety is a priority.

A 2019 Participant.

2019 was an awesome event and I am looking forward to participating in 2021.

A 2019 Volunteer.

I know how hard it was to reach the decision to postpone the public wreath laying, but 2021 will be better. 

A 2019 Participant.

Thank you for all you do for our veterans!

A mother of a son currently serving.