Harvey C Noone Post # 954


Every year, prior to Memorial Day, the Legion Family places over 500 flags on the graves of veterans buried in Creekside Cemetery, St. Vincent's Cemetery and Riga Cemetery, as well placing a flag on the grave of each Gold Star Mother and each deceased Auxiliary member. 

There is not a Master List of these graves and sometimes locating a grave is difficult. 

If you notice that a loved one does not have a flag on Memorial Day, please complete the form on Page 2 of this section and mail it to Harvey C. Noone Post # 954, PO Box 605, Churchville, NY 14428. 

We apologize for any oversights, none were intentional.  We appreciate your assistance and your patience as we work to consolidate the lists and partial databases we have into one database.  That will assist us greatly in carrying out this important task of honoring all who have served our country. 

Below are some databases that you can consult to obtain information needed for the form.  In particular, we need the specific grave location.           





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